Naomi Binkley Founder & Managing Partner, Fireside Production

Naomi Binkley
Founder & Managing Partner, Fireside Production

Drum roll, please!  The Fireside team is so happy for and proud of our Founder and Managing Partner, Naomi Binkley on her latest and greatest honor from the Denver Business Journal.

Enjoy the press release and be sure to watch the video of her acceptance speech that took the audience by storm!


Fireside Production Founder, Naomi Binkley Wins

Denver Business Journal Outstanding Women in Business Award

August 29, 2016 – Denver-based video production company, Fireside Production is proud to announce its Founder and Managing Partner, Naomi Binkley was named winner of the Denver Business Journal’s Outstanding Women in Business Award in the Communications, Media and Public Relations category.

Naomi is an innovative leader who thinks creatively and takes risks in how Fireside positions itself within the video communications space.  She was a professional journalist before becoming a mother inspired her to start a business.  Naomi gives herself whole-heartedly to each and every video Fireside produces for its many Clients in Denver – and around the country.

Fireside Production is marking its 10th year in business and has earned the trust – and repeat business – of Clients such as Humana, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Denver Water, CoBank, Girl Scouts of Colorado, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Colorado Department of Education, American Red Cross – Mile High Chapter and many others.

Naomi is also committed to giving back to our community.  She serves as co-chair of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Foundation Man & Woman of the Year Leadership Committee.  She’s an active and enthusiastic member of the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation, Leadership Denver Class of 2016.  She organizes volunteer days through Fireside and offers discounted and donated services to non-profits.

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Want to encourage people to buy your product or support your cause?  Then, show them who you are.  Show them the real you – not who you think they want to see, and they will buy and they will give.  This is a key component to any relationship marketing strategy.

You see, a huge component to successful marketing is relationship building.  People buy from brands and support non-profits because they feel they have a relationship with them.

One of the best resources you have to build this relationship is video.  In a video, people can see you, which gives your brand a face.  They can get to know you.  Are you serious? Funny?  A little goofy?

A great example of showing personality through video is our Client, Denver Water.  If you’re not following them on social media, you should be!

Screenshot 2016-08-08 12.10.26







See?!  They are hilarious!  And that combination of entertaining and informative makes you want to connect with Denver Water – and in doing so, remember the messaging they are delivering through social.

Another great example is right here in our Fireside suite.  Our Director of Production, Tom McDonald and Videographer/Editor, Eric Hoffman are a fun and hilarious duo! With them, what you see is what you get.

As you can see from the video, they are serious about their work (I mean, it is great quality video!) but they don’t take themselves too seriously.  Our Clients know that when they’re working with these two, what might otherwise be a stressful shoot day, is going to be fun yet top-notch professionalism.

You can also check out Tom’s Video Tips to get more of an idea of how you can use relationship video marketing to help boost your customer/donor base.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to be all funny all the time.  Keep your target audience in mind and be true to yourself.  Authenticity is key.

If you’re having trouble identifying just how to show who you are, take some time to think about your favorite brands.  Jot dot a list of words that describe what you think and feel about them.  More than likely, you have some common traits with these brands. That should help you figure out how to best show who you are through video.

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Our work in video production is really about bringing the ideas of others to life, creating a visual experience to convey information.  Sometimes, that means we get to take a more of an unconventional approach to accomplish your goals.

These are some of the projects to which I most look forward.  Stepping outside of my comfort zone as a videographer and editor is invigorating.  It’s one of the main reasons I love my job.

One project that springs to mind is a recent piece with the wonderful team at Webolutions.  They approach their work with great joy and wanted a video that would translate that to the viewer.  They asked us to take some risks, move, experiment with focal length and bring their spirit of adventure and discovery into the final product.  We embraced that on every level.

Another project that allowed me to stretch my legs, both literally and figuratively, was one we did for Clean Cities at the 2015 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.  It needed to explain the advances made by alternative-fueled vehicles competing in the race.  Emotionally, I had to imbue the piece with the fast-moving pace and excitement of race day and I ran with that idea.  The final video feels alive.  You can almost smell the mountain air and feel the rush of wind as you watch the vehicles race up America’s Mountain.

To the other end of the spectrum… how do you animate stationary structures with verve?  That’s what architects do.  So, that was my challenge when Barefoot Public Relations asked us to produce an award video for the American Institute of Architects Colorado.  I was able to allow their winning designs speak to me and not only inspire my videography, but the graphic design within the piece as well.

Approaching these challenges with spirit and positivity allows us to make the most of the creative inspirations with which we’re trusted.

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One of the things I love most about my role at Fireside Production is the day-to-day experience I share with our Clients.  I’m also constantly driven by our core valuesMake An Impact, in particular, resonates with me.  Not only do I strive to Make An Impact for our Clients but they often make a huge impact on me. They also inspire me through their work.  It’s especially powerful when we can really dig in and strategize to meet our Clients’ ever-changing communication needs.  That’s how our Real-Time Social Media Video package came to be!

Through our new blog series, Three Tips with Kala – I’ll share these Client experiences with you!

How Humana Uses Real-Time Social Media Videos

real-time social media videosFirst up, Jim Turner.  Jim is the Director of Corporate Affairs at Humana.  Humana was one of our first Clients to innovate and use Real-Time Social Media Videos. With this package, the Fireside team captures video and sound from those participating in your event.  Then – as the event is still taking place – we edit on-site to produce short, snazzy video vignettes.  You then load those vignettes to your social media platforms to engage your online viewers!  Here, Jim weighs in on the benefits and successes of the Real-Time Social Media Videos Humana has used for some of their signature events.

  1. How would you describe this type of nearly Real-Time Video offering – capturing, editing and loading professional video during Humana’s events?

The Fireside team has done a great job of quickly turning short videos we’ve needed for use in social media and other channels.  They’ve always done a nice job of turning even longer-form videos quickly.  But there is no doubt that when you need something nearly immediately after an event or shoot, they can make it happen! (And with high quality.)

  1. Why is that immediacy with video important today?

Sometimes we have the luxury of time and there’s no need to get a video back the same day or even within hours (or less).  However, for many events, we need to be “live” on multiple channels “in the moment” or soon after the moment.  Fireside has been on site with us at multiple events like this where we needed to post videos asap after an event has happened. They have delivered every time.

  1. What are the results?

Even when having to work quickly, the quality of the videos the Fireside team produces is excellent.  We’re always satisfied… AND… they have a great attitude even when dealing with pressure from us to turn multiple videos nearly instantly.  The crew’s news background shines through in these moments.

Thanks to Jim Turner for sharing his experience with Fireside Production and all of you! Give us a call to chat through making your next event even more memorable through Real-Time Social Media Video.

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As Director of Production at Fireside, one of my favorite things is getting new video production equipment to best serve you.  Whether it’s a new camera or cool editing plug-ins, there is nothing like opening up a box of new tools!

Introducing the Glidecam HD 4000

glidecam hd 4000

New toys make Tom smile!

With that, I’d like to introduce you to our newest asset, the Glidecam HD 4000 Stabilizer!  In a nutshell, the Glidecam allows us to capture smooth, hand-held shots on the go.  This is an especially effective look for following action like an athlete in training or adding smooth motion to a busy room with one of our many nonprofit, corporate or government Clients.

So, is this the most exciting thing we have ever added to the Fireside equipment arsenal?  No, but we think it is really cool and are excited to put it to work.  We look forward to discussing how the Glidecam may enhance your next video. Check out the video below to see what kind of look the Glidecam can achieve!

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Foundation, powder, mascara, eyeliner – MAKEUP!

Just what do you need and how much should you wear to look your best on camera?  In this world of high definition video, the makeup rules of the past no longer apply.  Remember when they used to tell you to use a yellow-tinted concealer to hide dark circles under the eyes?  Well, do that now, and it’ll do anything but cover up!

Professional makeup artist Michael Moore recently stopped by the Fireside suite to share his professional tips with us and with you. (including how to get around that yellow conundrum).

Here are Michael’s easy steps to a flawless high-def face:

#1 – Use a powder – instead of heavy foundation – to reduce shine on the face.

#2 – Brighten it up under your eyes with a skin tone-correct concealer (no yellow-tinted concealers!).  Take the concealer right up to the lash line and all the way down to the cheek bone to take away any hollows under the eye.

#3 – Don’t forget the finishing touches!  Focus on defining the eyebrows and eyelashes with color and mascara. Then, give the cheeks some blush and the lips a fresh hint of color.

Want to know more about Michael Moore? Check out his website at  Follow his simple tips and you’ll look – and feel – fabulous for your next video shoot!

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new chief operating officer

Hi!  Robert Thompson here.  I am Fireside Production’s new Chief Operating Officer and Partner.  I joined Fireside in June 2016.  But, I go way back with Naomi and Tom to our time together in television news.  Over the past decade, I’ve been a Fireside Client. Now, I am thrilled to be part of the team!

What I Bring to Fireside

At Fireside, it’s my mission to focus on providing an engaging, inspiring, and satisfying experience for our Clients and partners.  I am having a blast collaborating with our creative teams when it comes to video production, marketing and social media as well as managing Fireside’s operations.  I also get to do what I really love and that’s produce impactful, memorable videos like only Fireside can.

Now, a little about me.  I’m a Colorado native and a CSU grad.  I spent more than 16 years in television news living and working in locales like Laredo, Texas – Alexandria and Shreveport, Louisiana – Columbus, Ohio – San Francisco, California, and finally, back home to Denver to be closer to my family.

In 2003, I left television and crossed the tracks from TV news to the world of public relations and communications.  That’s where I spent the next decade leading storytelling and brand management for the likes of the American Red Cross, Mile High United Way, the University of Denver, and the Colorado Department of Human Services.

I am an award-winning journalist, published author and educational nonprofit founder.

Robert Up With People photoBonus points if you have ever heard of a group called Up With People. Back in the day (1986), I traveled across the US and Europe with this international group, performing a musical and dance show and engaging in community service and cultural exchange.  Fun fact: One of our performances took us to New York City and the United Nations, where I danced within feet of Henry Kissinger.  True story.

Life is full of surprises.  I hope that one of them is that I get to meet you and help bring your story to life through video.

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If you’re not loading your video to YouTube, you’re losing out on a potentially huge audience segment and a valuable SEO (Search Engine Optimization) opportunity.  If you are loading video to YouTube, are you doing it right?  Consider this your YouTube checklist.

Clear Your Cache for More Speed

First of all, the longer your video, the longer it may take to load.  One recommendation for speeding up the process is to clear your cache before loading your video.

Screenshot 2016-06-13 11.28.27










Video Privacy Settings

One of the very first things you’ll want to do (before you upload) is to select your privacy setting for that particular video.  Most likely, you’ll want to set it for public so that anyone can see it.  The unlisted and private options limit who sees your video and how they can view it.

Screenshot 2016-06-13 11.32.13









Fill in the Details

This may be one of the most important and overlooked steps when posting video to YouTube.  Fill in all the information requested and be sure to include your target SEO keywords.

Screenshot 2016-06-13 11.34.10










1.  Title your video.  Make it catchy and use your target keywords here.

2.  Write a description – don’t just use the title again.  This is a good place to include an active link back to your website as well.

3.  Use tags!  This includes the people and organizations featured in your video as well as the topics.  Anything that might make a good hashtag on Twitter makes for a good tag here as well.  Effective tags are a great way increase the chances that your video shows up under “Recommended Videos” in the YouTube sidebar.

Screenshot 2016-06-13 11.35.33











4. Enter a category for your video.  Again, this is another way to make it easier for people to find your video.

5. Include your location. You can input your coordinates (latitude/longitude) or just input your city.

Hopefully, this checklist will help you to get the most out of our video investment. Remember, YouTube is more than just a video watching platform, it’s also a search engine, like Google.  You want to make it as easy as possible for people to find you – through your videos.

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Every minute, 72 hours of new video content is loaded to YouTube.  The sheer volume of video on the web is mind boggling.  However, it’s estimated that four out of five online viewers will click away if a video stops playing – that’s a big opportunity lost.  Translation: there’s too much competition for people to patiently wait through content that doesn’t engage them or play properly.

It All Starts with the First Frame

How do you give your video (and message) the best chance to make an impact in the face of such statistical odds?  Start at the beginning.  Those opening shots and sequences matter.  Within seconds, you can make it known that this will is worthwhile content delivered effectively.  There will be viewer benefit.

Video offers an amazingly unique opportunity to communicate with potential clients. According to Forrester researcher Dr. James McQuivey, one minute of video is equal to about 1.8 million words.  You can deliver more content, efficiently through a well-produced video – and that’s a truly worthwhile marketing and communications investment.

We live in an era where the use of amateur, smart phone-produced video is commonplace.  There’s definitely a time and place for using your phone to engage your target audience.  However, quality online video can truly stand out, which is critical today – particularly since mobile video consumption rises 100% every year according to YouTube.

Mist Media reports the average internet user will spend 88% more time on a site that includes video.  These numbers paint a very clear picture of how truly important it is to provide your potential client or supporter with engaging, polished  video experiences… right from the start.

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You’ve no doubt seen all kinds of videos pop up in your day-to-day routine.  Video is on the websites you visit, it’s embedded in emails and is peppered throughout social media. The wheels have started turning and you’re thinking to yourself… I need to make a video! Well, we agree!  Next, you’re bound to ask – what’s it going to cost?  Let us break down the factors that generally go into determining the cost of a video…

What kind of investment should I expect?

Fireside Production is here to help your organization strategize the most efficient and cost- effective video production plan.  Our team provides guidance to ensure the process is easy and enjoyable… and we can help you maximize your investment with recommendations on using the video once the project is complete.

That still doesn’t answer your question… how much is this going to cost?  Every video is different and every project customized to the exact needs of that Client; however, there are several components that make up every Fireside Quote.

Video Length

The length of your video will be one of the most important factors when it comes to determine your overall investment.  Length and costs go hand in hand.  Generally, the longer the video, the greater the cost.  Fireside Production is very happy to provide insights on optimal video lengths for how and where your video will be viewed.

Number of Interviews

Interviews can add authenticity to video.  Delivering your message through the voices of those impacted by your work is a wonderful way to create a video experience for your viewers.  This is another area that can add cost to your video project.  Fireside can again recommend an ideal number of interviews for your project based upon length and the purpose of the video.

Shoot Locations

The number of different locations you’d like us to capture interviews and supporting video footage is an important determinant of cost.  It’s wise to look at really maximizing our time at any one location – since equipment set-up and break-down are part of the production time.  This is another area where our team can help you think strategically.

Build Your Video Library

At Fireside Production, upon completion of your project, we not only deliver your finished video but also all of your raw footage.  As you build your library of raw footage, you can call upon that initial investment to produce future videos and to use the footage in many different ways – even customizing it to the various social media platforms your organizations uses.

Hopefully, this gives you some thinking points when it comes to planning for your video.  These will be among the first elements we’ll ask about when putting together a Quote for your consideration.  Don’t forget to ask about the ways we can maximize your investment by creating short social media videos as well!

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