The Client Side of Video Production


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Before I joined the Fireside Production team, I was a Fireside Client.  As a communications director with organizations like the American Red CrossMile High United Way, and IAALS, the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System at the University of Denver, I was tasked with producing engaging and memorable videos designed to inspire philanthropy.

The Client Side of Video Production

When it came time to choose a video partner to bring our concepts to life, I turned to the team at Fireside.  Like most people, I thought we’d produce the video, debut it at an event, plop it on our website and be done with it.

Turns out I was thinking too small.  It didn’t take long to learn the finished video was only the beginning.  With each new video project, new lessons emerged.  Lessons I am happy to share in hopes that they can help you convince your communications team to not only invest in a quality video strategy – but to also realize the maximum return on your video investment to build your brand.

Lessons in Video Production

  • When planning for a video project, think of all the ways to maximize that footage – video thank yous, videos to promote your event in advance, clips for social media.  We can help with that!
  • Partner with a trusted video production company to not only produce an effective video but help to develop a plan to maximize that investment in a variety of ways.
  • Track responses. Whether it’s Google Analytics or social media likes and shares, track how your completed video is performing.
  • Document the performance analytics.
  • Share those analytics with your organization.
  • Expand your video reach.
  • Once you have the first video production and distribution experience down, start planning for the next.
  • Use your video performance analytics to inform your strategy.
  • If you started with hosting a video on your website, consider expanding the distribution to your social media channels, electronic newsletter, etc.
  • Involve your team!  They may have uses for the video you may not have originally intended.
  • Reach out to members of your organization to aid in distributing the video to their audiences of influence and contacts.
  • Tap them for ideas for your next video. Form an internal video ideas committee with a diverse representation from different areas of your organization.
  • Celebrate your success!
  • Hold video premieres at your organization. Make them fun and energize your team!
  • Tout the success of your video with your leadership – more sales, more donations, more volunteer engagement.
  • Enter your video into awards competitions.  If it’s good, why not?

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