Vision, Mission & Core Values

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Our core values at Fireside Production are the foundation of our daily interactions and how we exist in our space as a company and community member. These values are central to everything we do.

We are video storytellers by nature and we believe that to engage viewers, a video must create an experience through sight and soundWe strive to create an enjoyable experience for our Client – start to finish – on each and every project.
We are strategic in all that we do at Fireside Production, from how we approach production to how we run our company.  To act strategically and be thoughtful in our processes is to be responsive, efficient and effectiveand ultimately, to make professional video production affordable.
We are committed to producing videos that make an impact.  Our goal with each project is to maximize our Clients’ communications results We also aspire to stand-out in our industry, to be on the leading edge creatively and to positively impact the community in which we live and work.
The secret recipe in each Fireside Production video is heart.  We believe that to run a successful business and to create extraordinary videos, each member of the Fireside team must bring a spirit of joy, integrity, creativity and yes, profitabilityTo bring spirit establishes the culture of positivity and enthusiasm that makes Fireside Production the unique and wonderful place that it is.