Corporate Videos

Corporate videos don’t have to be a snooze!  Fireside Production’s proven storytelling style allows you to deliver important information to your employees, clients, prospects or supporters in a dynamic, memorable way.  Successful corporate video production starts with a vision meeting where we discuss the key messaging for your piece.  Fireside Production then develops a production strategy specific to your project that allows us to capture the interviews or host segments, the supporting footage and natural sound to bring that messaging to life.  An effective corporate video captivates the viewers and holds their attention throughout the piece, so they remember the information you need to convey.

Fireside Production offers an array of corporate video styles from safety and training videos, welcome and orientation pieces, executive messages and product demonstrations.  There are also many different production approaches to consider as you determine the right way to deliver your message… from an interviews-driven piece to a narrated video, a footage and graphics piece to a hosted video with the script delivered by someone reading from a teleprompter.

Fireside Production is always eager to talk ideas with you and help you hone in on the best way to deliver your Corporate Video Message. If you want to talk about a corporate video project or want to learn more about our services, contact us today!