Our Approach

Fireside Production specializes in creating videos that spark an emotional investment and inspire action.   Our team captures the moments, the natural sound and the authentic interviews that allow viewers to experience the video, remember its content and maximize results.  It’s Creative Kindling… the elements of successful video storytelling, a proven production style that is consistently performing for our government, corporate, small business and non-profit Clients alike.
  Fireside Production’s team is made up of former television news professionals who know what it takes to produce effective videos efficiently.  We mine for those storytelling treasures beneath the surface, the shots and sound that make for video gold.  This Storyteller Touch is the foundation of our work.  Fireside Production’s videographers are skilled at anticipating action in the field.  Our writers prospect every clip of footage for the most memorable moments.  We produce scripts that seamlessly blend interviews, natural sound and voiceover narration for the ultimate storytelling experience and our editors deliver with dynamic, polished video productions.
Fireside Production works closely with its Clients to make sure the vision for each piece is fully realized. Attention to detail is a critical part of Fireside Production’s success.  We meet our deadlines. We communicate well with our Clients.  We are skilled at producing and scripting memorable videos as we know it’s vital you capture the attention of your viewers to convey essential information. Our Clients can rest assured they will be informed and involved throughout the production process. Fireside Production is your Campfire Companion.
Our team provides individual attention to each Fireside Production Client.  We value our Clients and every video project is important to us.  Each piece is customized and each receives our personal storyteller touch.  We are transforming video production one project at a time.

The Process

The Fireside Vision is one of engagement.  A successful video hooks the viewers to ensure they’ll watch from start to finish and remember the content.  That kind of engagement can only be accomplished by creating videos that bring the Client’s message to life through compelling shots and sound, and it’s no accident when we catch those unexpected moments.  Fireside Production’s professionals are seasoned storytellers with the intuition to see what’s happening in the background as well as the foreground.  We capture and capitalize on those real moments, the moments that happen between the scripted ones.
  Fireside Production’s proven process takes our Clients through the steps to produce the most successful, compelling videos.  We start with a discovery meeting to discuss concept and key talking points.  The process continues with script production and a comprehensive Client review.  We then move into the editing and creative phases with direct Client review and revision to ensure the finished piece is exactly what the Client envisioned. This process is the basis of each Fireside Production.  It is the storyteller tinder that unites our expertise with our Client’s vision.