Show Who You Are & They Will Come

Want to encourage people to buy your product or support your cause?  Then, show them who you are.  Show them the real you – not who you think they want to see, and they will buy and they will give.  This is a key component to any relationship marketing strategy.

You see, a huge component to successful marketing is relationship building.  People buy from brands and support non-profits because they feel they have a relationship with them.

One of the best resources you have to build this relationship is video.  In a video, people can see you, which gives your brand a face.  They can get to know you.  Are you serious? Funny?  A little goofy?

A great example of showing personality through video is our Client, Denver Water.  If you’re not following them on social media, you should be!

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See?!  They are hilarious!  And that combination of entertaining and informative makes you want to connect with Denver Water – and in doing so, remember the messaging they are delivering through social.

Another great example is right here in our Fireside suite.  Our Director of Production, Tom McDonald and Videographer/Editor, Eric Hoffman are a fun and hilarious duo! With them, what you see is what you get.

As you can see from the video, they are serious about their work (I mean, it is great quality video!) but they don’t take themselves too seriously.  Our Clients know that when they’re working with these two, what might otherwise be a stressful shoot day, is going to be fun yet top-notch professionalism.

You can also check out Tom’s Video Tips to get more of an idea of how you can use relationship video marketing to help boost your customer/donor base.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to be all funny all the time.  Keep your target audience in mind and be true to yourself.  Authenticity is key.

If you’re having trouble identifying just how to show who you are, take some time to think about your favorite brands.  Jot dot a list of words that describe what you think and feel about them.  More than likely, you have some common traits with these brands. That should help you figure out how to best show who you are through video.

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