The Low-Impact Video Production Shoot

While Fireside Production does offer a small studio space, the majority of our video production shoots take place on-location.  Capturing interviews and footage in the environment they typically happen in, allows viewers to really experience the important work of our Clients.

Working on-location is usually more convenient for our Clients and those they tap to take part in the video; however, it also means hauling gear and crew into busy work spaces and homes.  For Fireside, there’s more to a successful shoot than capturing clear, compelling sound and great visuals.  It’s extremely important that we limit the disruption to work taking place at our Clients’ locations and that essentially, we leave a small footprint.  Here are a few ways we accomplish this…

Pack light and take an extra trip if necessary

Pack light and make an extra trip if necessary.

  • Pack light.  We pack exactly what we need and move most of our gear on a small cart.
  • Keep it tidy. Once we’re set up, we neatly stack our bags and extra gear in one area to reduce clutter in the shoot environment.
  • Safety first. We take care to tape down cords and keep walking spaces free of trip hazards.  We don’t want any accidents during a Fireside shoot.
  • Leave no trace. Our team will often make a few changes to enhance the background.  We may move a plant to add color behind an interview or straighten up a work space to make it look its best.  We make a concerted effort though to move things back before we leave.

The bottom line is that we are guests in the shoot space and usually, the location is a busy place with important things happening.  Our goal is to not only capture the magic of the organization but to minimize the disruption to the space we are welcomed into.

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