The Shot List: Moments, Moments, and Moments!

Whoa!  Did you see that!?  You did?  Were you recording?  Recognizing the moment and capturing it can often be the nugget that makes your video evolve from good to great.  It can also be one of the most challenging parts of video production whether you’re a professional or a proud parent with a camcorder.

So, what is a moment?   It is one of those unscripted parts of life that, well, just happens.  It could be a frog jumping on the picnic table or two long-time friends locked in an emotional hug.  It could be the spontaneous reaction of someone who has just experienced a major weather event or even the expression of a young person who has just tackled the seemingly impossible.

Now that you understand what a moment is, you need to know how to capture it.  First, anticipate the action.  If you see that frog hopping toward the picnic table, get your shot ready and focused perhaps on Aunt Sallie.  She most likely is going to throw that potato salad 30 feet into the air.  That would be a memorable moment for sure!  Second, don’t get caught up in the moment.  If you see someone over-reacting to a big snowstorm, for instance, don’t drop your jaw and watch.  Press your thumb, and record!  Get in close and get good audio too.  Who knows?  What you capture might just be the next big viral video on YouTube.

There you have it – one of my favorite elements on the Shot List.  Keep your eyes open and ears alert, and you’ll start noticing the moments that make for outstanding videos… then record!

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