Video and the Social Experience

Why Video?
Using video as a marketing tool is a growing trend on the internet.  It’s the most powerful and effective marketing medium that we have online.  What better way to boost your brand or deliver your message?  Video makes it easy to engage your targeted audience and create interest in your product or service.  Videos will continue to provide an increasing role in the world of Social Marketing.  

Why Video Now?
Now is the time because demand is proven.  U.S. audiences viewed almost 28 billion online videos in November 2009.  The trend is growing in the social media market.  Nielson reports that video viewing on social networking sites was up 98% in 2009.

Where to Post Videos?
Utilize YouTube, Hulu or Vimeo to share your video.  It creates an interactive experience that is easy and free.  You can also embed videos to your website, Facebook, Blog or other social media platforms.  Did you know that Facebook is now the number 3 place to post videos?

By taking advantage of this trend now,  you can set your business on the forefront of the newest marketing techniques.  Utilize video in your social media plan and you could be that next brand!

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