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15 Reasons Video Marketing Is A Must

Posted on: February 5th, 2021 by Kristin Massoletti

Whatever your marketing and communications strategy is for 2021, it absolutely must include video.

2020 turned everything upside down. We saw more businesses, services, events and fundraisers move online than ever before. Things are now easier as people can click this site and avail services. Organizations turned their focus to video marketing in an effort to adapt to the “new normal.” What is video marketing? It’s using video to showcase your organization, nonprofit, service or event – anything goes!

Here are 15 top video marketing strategies and trends:

1. Telling your story with video humanizes your brand.

People look at this site and are aching for that connection with others, and they do business with organizations they believe in. Tanya Smith, Video Content Strategist predicts that brands that use more interactive, snack-sized videos to share stories and show value and impact will have a much shorter sales cycles than those that don’t. Video storytelling brings your brand and its stories to life and builds loyalty between customers or clients and the organizations they support.

2. Video is not a one-and-done strategy.

In 2020, brands that saw the best marketing Return On Investment (ROI) from kitchen remodel marketing which had used video consistently and across various social platforms, apart from the services at Sally Sargood, Chief Video Officer / Animoto says, “We’re going to see an influx of videos on social media at the start of 2021, so standing out will mean creating a strategy for continuous video creation early in the year, and setting specific goals for each month to stay on task.” We couldn’t agree more. Give your online viewers content that keeps them coming back for more.

3. Simple gets traction.

Brands are getting more value from lightweight, bite-sized content says Josh Krakauer, CEO / Sculpt. Think short and sweet – even 15 seconds. So, repurpose existing video assets to create new content. Take your text-based content and produce motion graphics videos for social media or when capturing longer videos make the most of your shoot time and capture content for a variety of shorter, social-friendly pieces. This is where a great video partner can help maximize your video investment.

4. Include video in email subject lines.

Including the word video in your email subject line and of course, in the email itself boosts open and click-through rates and reduces unsubscribes. Using your brand video or a video message in your email signature is another great way to engage people.

5. Motion graphics video.

Motion graphics videos are gaining in popularity. This style uses text words on the screen – perhaps, over video footage – with motion to create the right flow and feel and it’s a great way to say everything you need – without actually “saying” anything at all. We also know this is a viewer-friendly format for those who prefer to scroll their social feeds with the sound off. When starting a business, one of the key visual elements you should consider after your branding is an attractive sign made by a professional graphics retailing Missouri company.

6. Video is a must for virtual events.

Virtual events continue to be on the rise and nothing enhances the online experience more than video. Personal stories that demonstrate impact and show emotion. Sponsor or executive messages brought to life with supporting video footage. Short performances or variety acts. Videos to showcase hot auction items. Whether you’re planning a live virtual event or a fully prerecorded event (to minimizes stress and maximize your budget) video should play a starring role.

7. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they see it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it.

That’s according to Forbes. Enough said. Make it memorable and allow people to experience your message.

8. Video on your website can help you appear higher in search results.

A well-optimized video – using text and relevant tags – improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Video not only attracts people to your website, but it keeps them there. And we know time on your site is critical. Consider a website banner video to draw visitors in and then, use a variety of videos on your homepage and supporting pages to deliver information, engage and ultimately, make your site more compelling.

9. More video content is being captured and shared via Zoom.

And we’re not just talking about Zoom meetings but organizations are actually hosting their normally in-person events – from large national symposiums, to summer camps and fundraising galas – on Zoom. You can do everything from capture hosted conversations and panel discussions to record interviews for shorter highlights or showcase videos – right from your computer. Oh, and we’ve got tips to help make your Zoom content look its best.

10. LinkedIn is boosting its user interface with features that make video even better.

Viveka von Rosen, Co-Founder at Vengreso predicts more video engagement on the platform where many people go to connect with other professionals and the brands they love. LinkedIn boosted its video capabilities and added Native Video, LinkedIn Live, LinkedIn Stories with video and private video messaging on LinkedIn AND LinkedIn video conferencing through messaging.

11. 93% of marketers say they’ve landed a new customer or client thanks to video on social media.

That’s according to Animoto and it’s easy to see why. Video on social is short and sweet and hopefully, shareable. Put some ad dollars behind your video and boost your results. Just be sure that if you’re posting a video with spoken content like interview sound or narration, you caption those social pieces – again, for those who scroll with the sound down.

 12. Video tops people’s favorite type of online content.

Give them what they want and they want video. Again, Animoto says video is the hands-down favorite content for people online. Knowing this, it’s easy to see why video converts to clients, customers and even, fans who rave about your brand because of the videos you post.

13. YouTube is the second largest search engine.

More than one billion users are searching the YouTube for video content, including your potential customers, clients and supporters. In order to maximize that search engine power, be sure to use a compelling title for your video. Customize the thumbnail if you need to. Often, YouTube pulls a few options that may not be the best to truly reflect your content. If that’s the case, load your own image. Add text that entices people to watch (and include a link to your website). Be generous but accurate with your tags, so people can find your video and it’s important to caption the piece to improve your search results.

14. YouTube playlists play an increasingly important role in video marketing.

Playlists are a missed opportunity for most video marketers to boost “watch time” on their channels says Stephan Spencer of Advanced SEO Strategies. A playlist is easy to create and then, when you upload a video or even add a video from a partner site to your playlist, you’ve got a theme. Think how-to videos or success stories.

15. Be sure to captivate in your first few frames of video to inspire people to share.

Think about. Videos go viral because they capture your attention. They make you feel something – whether you laugh, learn or feel inspired – and you just have to share that experience. If you lose your viewers’ attention in the first few moments, it’s likely people won’t watch all the way through. People connect with stories and there’s arguably no more powerful medium for storytelling than video.

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