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Questions to Ask When Creating a Video

Posted on: February 2nd, 2016 by Kala Montoya

questions to ask when making a videoThere’s no doubt about it, video is a powerful communications and marketing tool and can be an invaluable way to visually engage your viewers.  For many people, the thought of embarking on a video project may feel overwhelming; that’s where Fireside Production comes in!

Fireside works closely with each Client – start to finish – to make sure the process itself is enjoyable and the finished video is effective.  Fireside has crafted a process over the years that takes the burden out of the experience for our Clients – and helps to keep costs down.  Our goal is to ensure the production experience itself is a memorable one and the final video is exceptional.

Style, Length, Audience & Message

So, where to start?  Here are four questions to answer as you begin the process to lay a solid foundation for your project…

What style are you interested in?

There are many styles of video out there and it can get overwhelming when you start searching YouTube.  It’s important, though, to get a sense for what style of video is most resonating with your team.

To answer these questions, take a look at the Fireside Production YouTube channel – where you can browse a wide variety of looks and styles.

What’s the target length for your video?

Length can be tricky because often, Clients are hoping to pack a lot of information into a video.  Start with where you’ll use the piece.  If the primary goal is to debut it at an event, a little longer is ideal.  If it’s specifically for online, shorter is better.

Of course, budget plays a role here as well.  The longer the video, often the higher the cost.  We are happy to make suggestions on the ideal video length for your project!

Who is your audience?

Identifying your audience helps set the tone for the video.  Are the viewers potential customers or clients who may be interested in your services or products?  How familiar are they with your message?  Perhaps you’re hoping to reach potential donors for a non-profit organization in which case, the video needs to capture the heart – while delivering a clear message.  Knowing your audience will help you to hone in on how the story should be told.

What is your message?

It’s important to identify the messages you need to convey through your video.  Then,  be sure all key decision-makers on your team agree before you start your project.  Give us a call or send an email to learn more about the Fireside approach to video production!  Helping you to answer each of these questions – is our specialty.


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