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Celebrate Your Story

Fireside Production

Fireside Production’s own story is a true basement to thriving business journey. Naomi Binkley and Tom McDonald started the company in 2006 in their home to supplement their income after their first daughter was born. A year – and another daughter later, it was a full-time operation! Since then, Fireside has grown into an award-winning, passionate team with a full video production suite serving Colorado and beyond.

Our Team

Our award-winning, passionate production team is made up of former television news professionals, who couple the speed of news with the polish of professional production.

Meet The Fireside Team

Today, Fireside produces an array of videos for government, corporate, nonprofit and business clients around the country.

We offer a variety of styles to satisfy the needs of your project… whether it’s an interviews-driven video, a video skit or a motion graphics piece. We do that! And… we make it enjoyable for your team every step of the way.

Let's bring your story to life...

We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence.

Our mission is to captivate viewers, to create experiences and to inspire.

We are guided by our core values and approach every project with the spirit of discovery.

These values are central to everything we do.

Create Experiences

We are video storytellers by nature and we believe that to engage viewers, a video must produce an experience through sight and sound. We also strive to create an enjoyable experience for our clients – start to finish – on each and every project.

Think Strategically

We are strategic in all that we do – from how we approach production to how we run our company. To act strategically and be thoughtful in our processes is to be responsive, efficient and effective – and ultimately, to make professional video production affordable.

Make An Impact

We are committed to producing videos that make an impact. Our goal with each project is to maximize your video marketing and communications results. We also aspire to stand-out in our industry, to be on the leading edge creatively and to positively impact the community in which we live and work.

Bring Spirit!

The secret recipe for each Fireside video is heart. We believe that to run a successful business and to create extraordinary videos, each member of the Fireside team must bring a spirit of joy, integrity, creativity and yes, profitability. To bring spirit establishes the culture of positivity and enthusiasm that makes Fireside Production the unique and wonderful place that it is.

The clients we work with

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