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An Adventure in Focus

Posted on: April 30th, 2013 by Tom McDonald

From time to time, here at Fireside Production we get a request to shoot professional still shots while we are on a video shoot.  The answer is always very simple… well, no. While there are some similarities between the two crafts, they are really completely different.  This has been more evident as I have ventured into the new world of capturing video on DSLRs.

With the capabilities of still cameras to capture high definition video with the array of still lenses and large sensor cameras, the video world has been taken by storm.  To achieve a real film look with shallow depth of field has been desired by videographers for, well forever.

Recently, we acquired a Panasonic AG-AF 100 A video camera.  This, unlike the DSLR, is more ergonomically configured like a video camera but uses micro 4/3rd still lenses.  Plug it in and off you go, right?  Not so fast.

Learning about lenses and which to use has been somewhat of a journey that quite frankly, I am still on.  Though I am in the infancy of this journey, I have made some discoveries.  For one, like many before me, I have fallen for the look.  Yes the shallow depth of field is addicting.  I have also noticed that for me, it is not always the right answer.  Sometimes less depth of field is better and for Fireside Production, the speed of a video camera and lens is essential.  I am looking forward to the continued journey and my respect for the still photographer has grown immensely.

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