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Client Spotlight – Monarch Casino

Posted on: May 30th, 2017 by Fireside Production

We’re All In!

We know that one of your biggest concerns when starting a video project with a professional company is making sure that your vision for the piece is fully realized.  How do you accomplish that when working with an outside partner?  Well, this issue is the very motivation behind Fireside Production’s exclusive Focus On You™ approach.

Fireside recently had the privilege of working with Monarch Casino Black Hawk to showcase what makes Monarch a workplace of choice – through a series of employment and career videos for social media and mobile devices. Monarch Casino turned to Fireside because of our Client-focused, team-driven approach to video production. The result? Watch our Client Spotlight on Monarch Casino Black Hawk to hear their thoughts on the Fireside process and the finished videos.

Fireside’s Focus On You™ approach is one we have refined for over the past decade.  It empowers our entire team to champion your message and brand.  Fireside’s proven process – and our attention to communication every step of the way – will position your organization for success on your next video project.

by Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency