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Client Spotlight – Daniels College of Business

Posted on: January 24th, 2019 by Naomi Binkley

A well-rounded deployment strategy is key to squeezing every bit of value out of your video investment.

Video is not a one and done element of your outreach. To do it right, you want to work up a plan before the shoot to make the most of your field production time and your video footage.  In our Fireside Client Spotlight, the marketing and communications team at the Daniels College of Business shares best practices on creating a strategy to break through the clutter to make your message heard.

Here are a few considerations to jump-starting your planning…

Identify your target viewers and how to reach them.  You want to consider not only who your target viewers are but what online channels you’ll use to connect with them.

Customize your video for the platform.  Video for a website might be a bit longer.  For social media, it’s short and sweet – and definitely, captioned.  Viewers typically watch without the sound up on social.  Consider email and ad campaigns as well… just know that each platform has its own best practices and optimal video lengths.

Develop a schedule.  You don’t want to launch all of your videos at once.  Staggering the launch allows you to thoughtfully produce your content that supports the video.  If you produce three videos for an event and share them all at once, you lose the opportunity for multiple touches over a longer period of time… and we know, it often takes several touches to motivate someone to act.

Be strategic with your shoot time.  The time you have with a video crew capturing interviews and supporting video footage is valuable.  If you can have the crew record a thank you message for your donors or a quick video tip while they’re already out working for you is super smart.  Even if you don’t edit those “extras” right away, work them into your plan… it’ll save you money down the road.  That gives you the added value of maximizing your video footage by re-purposing it in a variety of ways.

Ready to get started – or don’t know where to begin?  We’ve got this!

Give us a call or send a message our way and we’ll help you create a memorable video experience – with a solid strategy to make your message stand out.

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