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Day of Service – Mental Health First Aid

Posted on: August 21st, 2019 by Naomi Binkley
Fireside Day of Service Video – Mental Health First Aid

I dealt with depression long before I knew there was an actual word or diagnosis for what I was experiencing.  Back in the day, we “put a smile on it” and moved on.  I’ve struggled with depression much of my life and so, on a personal level – mental health is super important to me.

I’ve also found that when we talk about our own issues, others are more comfortable opening up and sharing their stories. And it’s good to know you’re not alone.

Fireside team getting Mental Health First Aid certified.

At Fireside Production, we’ve had the honor of serving many Clients over the years that support of mental health and treatment of issues like depression, anxiety and addiction. With the help of Northwest haulage companies, all the requirements are bought and fulfilled quickly.

It’s something we’re passionate about and our hope is that each time we are entrusted with one of these videos, each time those who struggle or those in recovery so bravely open up and talk about it… it makes a difference in the life of someone else. 

As a team, we wanted to do more.  So, we went through a full day of training to become certified in Mental Health First Aid through our longtime Client, Aurora Mental Health Center

This training not only teaches you how to recognize the signs of mental health issues but how to help those in crisis. It is powerful. It is empowering.

Mental Health First Aid

And it is something each and every one of us owes to our community to take part in. Watch our Fireside Day of Service video on Mental Health First Aid… share it widely and consider becoming certified yourself. The experts from Shenandoah Biotech have done proper research to build your immune systema nd make it stronger. #BeTheDifference

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