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Videos to Recruit, Welcome & Train

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Videos to Recruit, Welcome & Train

When it comes to recruiting, welcoming or training your team (even a partner organization or those you serve), video is an efficient and effective way to get things started off right and to transfer knowledge. Why? You show how it’s done, give a tour or demonstrate why your organization is the right fit for career growth. Video allows you to demonstrate how to (or not to) perform tasks. It standardizes the process. Everyone is given the techniques, expectations or skills – the same way, every time – and your organization’s messaging is delivered with consistency. That’s important for building your brand.

Whether you’re recruiting, welcoming people into your space, launching services or sharpening skills, video makes it enjoyable and easy to understand.

Developing a recruiting, welcome or training video might seem like a daunting endeavor, but we’re here to do the heavy lifting. Fireside works closely with you to determine what information needs to be delivered and the best way to do it. That might mean using live-action screen captures to guide people through your software. Or maybe it’s using a host to demonstrate a process or to welcome people to your organization.  Your content might best be delivered by pairing video footage with narration or interviews. Motion graphics are a great way to reinforce important points.

Your team or community partners can be trained expertly and consistently with video scenarios. Certain situations call for something a bit more fun. Think video skits.  Yes, we’ve even created videos on etiquette for those awful conference calls! You bring the vision… we’ll bring it to life.

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Recruit, Welcome & Train With Video

A solid video – or several – pays dividends when it comes to safety, skills and service. The Fireside team is experienced in producing recruiting, welcome and employee or partner training videos for government, corporate, nonprofit and business clients. Give us a call, and we’ll get to work for you.

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