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Event Videos

Make us feel something!

That’s what we want when we attend an event (whether in-person or online)… and video does just that. A beautifully-produced video moves us. It inspires us. It creates an experience. What better way to lead into the paddle raiser at your fundraiser, honor donors at a gala or motivate your team at your next corporate event?

Events these days are designed around video. You have people there – invested in your organization… make sure your event video shows them why! If you’re not sure where to start or if you need ideas to freshen up your approach, let us put our expertise to work for you. We are also experienced in shifting from in-person to online, virtual events in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and can guide you in how to create an engaging video event to deliver on your fundraising or messaging goals.

We’ve successfully produced videos for national events and fundraisers of all styles and sizes.

Our goal at Fireside is to make the video – the easiest part of your event planning! And we do just that through our exclusive Focus On You™ approach.

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Producing a video to showcase at your event is important... but capturing the event itself is also a powerful way to engage people who can’t attend.

Event Video Packages

Social Networking Video

Fireside’s Social Networking Video package is a creative and affordable way to capture a business or nonprofit event and share it quickly with online viewers.

Our Social Networking Video package includes a two-hour shoot with complete production of a 90-Second to Two-Minute Video delivered within three business days. The cost is unbeatable. We remove the script- and edit-approval from this package to offer a super low-cost, quick-turn video. This allows you to share video highlights on social and to capture footage for promotional purposes down the road.

Real-Time Video

Fireside’s Real-Time Video package is the next frontier of event video production. It allows people to be a part of the event – even if they can’t attend... by engaging them through vignettes captured and loaded to your social media platforms as the event is taking place.

This is the Fireside team at its best producing professional content – at a speed relatively unmatched in the industry! We capture video footage and interview sound, edit on-site and optimize your videos for sharing. Instead of those grainy, dark smart phone video clips with less-than-ideal audio… you can now include polished videos as part of your event-day social media strategy.

Videos To Elevate Your Next Event

Take your event to the next level with professional videos produced with heart by Fireside Production.

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