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Exploring Green Screen Video

Posted on: October 12th, 2015 by Eric Hoffman

Fireside Production is now offering a green screen for video shoots, which gives our Clients a new array of backdrops to choose from for their interviews and hosted messages.

Creating an Opportunity for Growth

It also means as videographers, we’ve been compelled to learn new lighting and shooting techniques specific to the green screen.  We diligently researched and explored different set ups before we rolled it out for our Clients.  So why go to the trouble?  Why not stick with tried and true methods?

Lighting the Green Screen Interview

Eric at the Green Screen

We always want to challenge ourselves, to offer our Clients more diverse options and (perhaps, most of all) to evolve our individual skill set and grow as professionals.  The benefits of this type of professional development are many.  For me, the intellectual stimulation of learning something new keeps work exciting and fun and having more “tools in the toolbox” means the services we provide are more valuable to our potential and existing Clients.

Want to learn more about green screen video at Fireside Production?  Contact us today.

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