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Fundraising Videos

When it comes to delivering successful fundraising videos, creating an engaging experience for your donors is vital.  Giving viewers the opportunity to personally and emotionally connect with your mission dramatically improves your fundraising results – whether online or in-person. Video does just that.

Fireside offers expert insights on the right video lengths and styles best suited for your fundraising needs.

Fundraising videos that play before an “ask” at an event can typically be a longer than a piece that’ll be shared online. Think too about maximizing your video investment by using your video after the event… post it to your website to inspire supporters, show it during outreach opportunities to increase your volunteer-base or use your video internally to motivate your team. Creating a short “thank you” video is also a wonderful and affordable touch to show your gratitude to donors.

Our team partners with your organization to capture the most compelling story to deliver your mission and message in a way people will remember… and we do it with the special budget considerations of our charitable organizations in mind

When your organization needs a fundraising video, we hope you’ll consider Fireside. Be sure to ask about our nonprofit discount!


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Connect With Your Donors

Video creates the opportunity for your donors to connect with the heart, culture and needs of your nonprofit. We're here to help you do your best work in our community.

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