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Hidden Video Production Ingredients

Posted on: April 7th, 2015 by Tom McDonald

The Production Person's Secret Weapon... Gaffers Tape!

The Production Person’s Secret Weapon… Gaffers Tape!

At Fireside Production, delivering videos that captivate and inspire is something we take great pride in.  However, there are other ingredients to a successful project that we also strive to meet with each and every video.

The first is low impact.  One of our early Clients marveled that we showed up to our first shoot with a small crew and a reasonable amount of gear.  The Client’s previous experience involved a large crew, lots of gear and a great disruption to the work that was taking place.  We try to keep things tight and do our best to never be disruptive.

The second and most important ingredient to a great shoot is safety.  A safe set is paramount for obvious reasons. First, we don’t ever want anyone getting hurt.  Second, at many of our Clients’ locations, a fallen piece of equipment such as a light, can mean a shutdown of their entire operation.  It’s critical that we take care to avoid creating trip hazards by taping down cords in high-traffic areas or being careless with our gear.

So in every Fireside Production video, you’ll see passion and hard work but also, a lot of care that went into creating a safe and tidy shoot space behind the scenes.



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