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The Ideal Video Interview Setting

Posted on: April 12th, 2016 by Eric Hoffman

Fireside Production’s Clients trust our team to make sure those people they’ve asked to be a part of the video production look and sound their very best.  Creating an ideal interview backdrop is a critical component of that.  Here are a few of our favorite tips for creating the best look for your video interviews…

Important Elements for Interview Settings

Space & Lighting – The most important element of creating the right interview setting is lighting.  The Fireside team takes our own studio-quality lighting to each interview location.  That means we need access to electricity and enough space to set-up.  You don’t want your interviewee to be too close to a wall or another background as it’s just not ideal for lighting.  Nobody wants their interview to look like a driver’s license photo where you’re pushed up against a blue wall and hit right in the face with a too-bright flash!

A larger space also allows the videographer to make the most of what we call depth of field.  Essentially, we can keep our interviewee in focus and the rest of the space behind them slightly “fuzzy,” which creates an almost film-like look that’s absolutely beautiful.

Background – You may opt to use the natural setting in the room as a background or bring in a backdrop.  Choose a room that’s warm and inviting – and not too cluttered.  A wall with color or artwork looks nice as does a bookcase with warm tones.  If you use props in the background, we’ll want to make sure they’re lit so we can accent them.  You should also consider what the interview topic is… if you’re talking about research and development, a laboratory is a great backdrop.  Usually, you want to select a quiet location.  However, if the topic is about the work environment, for instance – you could look at setting the interview up where we can see people working behind the interviewee.  We’re always happy to weigh in if you have questions about a great background.

Fireside also has several simple, colored backdrops – and a portable green screen – that we can take to your location if you are struggling with finding the right look.

Indoor or Outdoor Light – Finally, we usually want to avoid competing with direct sunlight.  Though our eyes adjust well to low-to-bright light contrast, cameras tend to struggle.  Mixing indoor and outdoor light – or even shade and sunlight – often renders less-than-optimal results.  If the room you’re considering for your interviews does have windows, be sure there are blinds or shades that we can use to control the outside light.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good area for capturing interviews!  We always happy to stop by for a site visit – if timing allows – or look at photos of possible locations to help you make the right choice.

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