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Why Listening Matters in Video Production

Posted on: March 2nd, 2016 by Eric Hoffman

Why listening is important

Listening is a life skill.  My father once told me I’d always learn more by listening than talking and, as usual, he was correct.  At Fireside, listening well is a part of all that we do… from hearing our Clients’ exact vision for their videos to conducting effective and enjoyable interviews and optimizing time during a shoot.  Listening is key.

Why Listening is Important

It starts in planning and extends throughout the video production process.  By really hearing what’s important to each Client, our team is better positioned to make the most of unexpected opportunities throughout the process.

A perfect example happened when Fireside was capturing the National Senior Games for Humana.  By really hearing and understanding Humana’s dream to help people achieve lifelong well-being, our team was able to recognize an unplanned opportunity to spotlight someone who really embodied that message, a 100-year-“young” javelin competitor who inspired so many through his story.

Listening well is a critical component of not only the shoot and the interviews but the edit as well.  By learning the preferences of our Clients, we can make sure we’re on the right track from the start… which also helps to keep costs down throughout the process.

Communication is the bedrock of a successful video project and there’s not much more gratifying than seeing our Clients light up when their message comes to life.

by Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency