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Meet Emily – Director of Communications

Posted on: February 28th, 2017 by Emily Williams

Hello, Fireside community! My name is Emily Williams, and I am so excited to be connecting with you! After working with Fireside as a nonprofit Client for years, I jumped at the opportunity to join this dynamic team as Director of Communications and Marketing this past November.

For the majority of my career, I have worked in nonprofit development – most recently with a Denver-based organization called The Limb Preservation Foundation. Events, donor relations, fundraising, communications and PR, marketing, volunteer management – you name it, I’ve probably done it (and if you’ve ever worked at a small shop, you know exactly what I mean)!

My favorite time of year was when we worked with Fireside to produce The Foundation’s annual showcase video. This piece was part of a larger annual fundraising campaign that centered around patient stories. It always brought into focus why I did what I did – why I loved it and why it was important to me. It was all about connection or more specifically, the opportunity to create community through that power of connection.

Connection. Creativity. And Community.

This ability to create community through connection is in many ways the basis of fundraising and development. You’re striving to identify and connect a donor with the opportunity to support a cause that resonates with their values.  When you do that – you’re going to meet your fundraising objectives. Mission accomplished!

But what moved me most about the power of story, was the ability it had to create hope. Hope for a cure, hope for a child’s future, hope for a healthier tomorrow…

Time and time again, I was humbled to see how the impact of someone’s story, when shared, had the power to create meaningful connections and build community. It may sound over the top, but seeing those kinds of bonds develop (often, between strangers) reinforced the way I see the world – a place of kindness, empathy and compassion. I loved that; not only because it positively impacted my life, but because I believe it’s the most accurate, honest depiction of our world and of humanity (even if we don’t always see it).

I was hooked by the power of story. I was fascinated by its ability to form meaningful connections across varied audiences. I knew I wanted to be creating opportunities for more of those connections, and I wanted to be doing it through a more focused lens of marketing and communications.

And then, rather serendipitously, a woman many of you may know, offered me the opportunity to do just that for the very business that first opened to my eyes to the power of a shared story. The prospect of pursuing my professional aspirations as part of the Fireside Production team was… well, a dream come true.

So that’s the abridged version of how my role as a member of the Fireside community transitioned from Client to team member (which sadly, doesn’t include tales of capturing b-roll in an O.R. with Tom, dressed from head to toe in scrubs, or watching a duck be anesthetized with Eric – but maybe we’ll get there someday).

I’m so looking forward making meaningful contributions to this thriving business, and to connecting with our Clients to implement new ways to help you best leverage your videos. After all, a story is best when it is shared. Let’s get to work!



Other Fun Facts about Emily: Mother of twins, dim sum connoisseur, Arizona native, cancer survivor, recent tea addict, avid home cook with aspirations of one day becoming a decent gardener! 

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