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Change, Innovation, Growth… & a New Logo!

Posted on: January 31st, 2017 by Naomi Binkley

Change is hard, it’s a universal truth. The great thing about change though, is that it isn’t only hard. It doesn’t stop there! To quote author Robin Sharma, “All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.

It’s that “gorgeous end” that motivates us. Doing the same thing you’ve always done? That’s easy. And while there are certain times and places for ease (hello, instacart, Alexa and Keurig), we also know there are times when putting in the work is worth it. Check out this guide to holemaking tools for your CNC machine.

We often find ourselves on these transformational journeys with our Clients. Whether it’s giving voice to their messaging, refreshing an existing story or using a new video style to communicate more effectively – we know that changing, innovating and discovering ultimately make us great.    

February of 2016 marked a big accomplishment for Fireside Production – our 10th year in business! In addition to celebrating this great achievement, we saw this as an opportunity to shake things up. To do a little reflecting on where we’ve come from, what makes us special and who we want to be as we enter our second decade in business. In addition to refining our brand internally (more on that later), we decided the time was prime to refresh our beloved Fireside logo.

As we set out to uncover our new look, we were quickly reminded that change is hard! Our team had tasked itself with the balancing act of designing a logo that 1) honored our past while celebrating our future, 2) conveyed the modern storytelling experience we provide with every video, AND 3) reflected the innovation, growth and discovery that fuels the team and the process at Fireside! No small order, right?

“The old logo was something I was really, really in love with. So it was a fragile process and kind of difficult to go through,” remembers Tom McDonald, Director of Production and creative genius at Fireside. “That logo had been our brand for so long, so it was hard to let go.”

After months of collaborating and designing, countless pots of coffee and a few episodes of visual semantic saturation, a refreshed Fireside rose from the ashes. And boy, was it a sight to see!

“I almost smile every time I look at it,” laughs the once-hesitant Tom. “In the end, when we were able to incorporate some of the old features of the old logo – it turned out way better than I could have ever thought.”

Featuring the iconic Fireside flame, the new logo combines warm colors, simplified shapes and a bold typeface to create a more vibrant and current look; A look that is geared to accompany our small business into its next chapter.

“I think this new logo will represent our biggest successes to come, and our biggest growth and our best work. Our next chapter is a continuum of some of the dreams that we’ve set forth in the last ten years, and that is to be the best, most unique and efficient production company -not just in Colorado, but in the country. I look forward to this next era – growing a team that thrives on one another, the mission and is proud to come into work each and every day and represent that new beautiful logo.”

So here we are, the day after Fireside’s 11th birthday, proudly debuting to YOU our brand new logo. We know change can be hard, but we sure do hope you like our new look as much as we do. We also hope that hearing you’ve been about the journey behind the revamp might help motivate you to make a change meaning to. Was it hard? Yup. Messy? Sure. Completely and totally worth the beautiful ending? Without a doubt.

Cheers to your next change and to another great decade at Fireside Production!

by Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency