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The Fireside Team

Professional Video Production

Founder & Managing Partner

Naomi Binkley

Naomi is a storyteller at heart.

Naomi is first and foremost, a listener. She finds inspiration in the stories of the people and organizations Fireside serves and relishes each opportunity to share those stories through video. Naomi is a producer by nature and enjoyed a serving as television news journalist – first in Colorado Springs, then Grand Rapids, Michigan and finally, back home in Denver. She’s an unexpected entrepreneur, however, with a passion for growing a business that contributes to our community and building a team that is committed to excellence.

Naomi is also an emerging leader. As a fifth-generation native of Colorado, she’s always looking for ways to make a difference in our state. She is an advocate for accessibility since being diagnosed with a progressive neuro-muscular disorder and a champion for those with blood cancers as a board member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Her most cherished role is that of mom of two girls… both, born in Boulder – just like their mama.


Director of Production & Partner

Tom McDonald

Tom is Fireside’s creative genius.

Tom left an accomplished career as a television news photojournalist to launch Fireside Production. His news career spanned more than a decade and took him from Grand Junction to Spokane, Washington before he settled in at Fox 31 News in Denver. As an entrepreneur, Tom leads the technical and creative side of our company. His talent for capturing moments have become the basis for Fireside’s look. For Tom, there’s a connection that happens when he hits the record button. “The outside world just shuts off, and I become completely present in the moment. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Tom’s role is essential in creating the innovative videos Fireside is known for. He is a gifted videographer and editor with an unmatched ability to effectively pace videos for a memorable audio-visual experience.  “Having great paint is a must but creating a meaningful picture… is the greatest challenge.” His greatest loves are his daughters and a good day on a mountain bike trail.


Videographer, Editor & Drone Pilot

Ryan O'Connor

Ryan is an inspired visual storyteller and an adventurer by nature.

Ryan is a seasoned videographer who simply excels at capturing the right look and feel for your video – with moments and natural sound to deliver a truly modern storytelling experience. He is constantly working to fine-tune the art of lighting to ensure the people you ask to be in your video look and feel their very best. Ryan is our certified drone pilot and talented, 4K videographer who specializes in cinematic-style editing and of course, motion graphics. Ryan also boasts an extensive televisions news background, where Fireside ultimately met him working at Fox 31 News here in Denver.

Ryan has a good heart and it shows in his smile! He’s most at home adventuring and enjoying the Rocky Mountain lifestyle.


Videographer, Editor & Drone Pilot

James Long

James is a seasoned videographer and editor and a United States veteran.

Like the rest of the team, James is a former television news photojournalist with 25 years of experience working several markets throughout the country before ultimately, closing out his news career in Denver. He has won eight Heartland Emmy Awards and an Edward R. Murrow Award for his work during the Iraq War. Prior to his news days, James honorably served our country and remains an active member of our veterans community. James is a certified drone pilot.

When he’s not behind the video camera, he’s often capturing our military heroes, high fashion events and family portraits through the still camera lens.

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