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The Fireside Team

Founder & Managing Partner

Naomi Binkley

Naomi Binkley is a storyteller at heart.

She has always loved sharing people’s stories – first, as an award-winning television news journalist and now, as Fireside Production’s lead producer.  What she didn’t know was how much she would enjoy learning how to run a successful business.  She’s an unexpected entrepreneur with a passion for serving Fireside’s many Clients, growing a business that contributes to our community and building a team that’s committed to continuous improvement.

Naomi is also an emerging leader.  As a fifth-generation native of Colorado, she is always looking for ways to make a difference in our state.  Her most cherished role is that of mom of two girls.  Both, born in Boulder – just like their Mama.


Director of Production & Partner

Tom McDonald

Tom McDonald is Fireside Production’s creative genius.

Tom left an accomplished career in television news to co-found Fireside Production.  He leads the technical and creative side of production.  His talent for capturing moments have become the basis for Fireside’s look.  For Tom, there’s a connection that happens when he hits the record button.  “The outside world just shuts off, and I become completely present in the moment.  It’s a beautiful thing.”

He is a gifted editor with an unmatched ability to effectively pace videos for a memorable audio-visual experience.   “Having great paint is a must but creating a meaningful picture… is the greatest challenge.”


Videographer & Editor

Eric Hoffman

Eric is motivated by the pursuit of perfect composition.

His talent for composition and his attention to detail – paired with his artistic intuition from the first shot to the final cut – make Eric an ideal match to the Fireside philosophy. His approach to videography is that every shot is an opportunity to share a message.

Eric joined the Fireside team in 2013 after more than a decade working in television news. He has been recognized with many awards for excellence in his craft, including the prestigious Heartland Regional Emmy award. He is a Colorado Springs native and a father of two.


Producer & Production Manager

Kala Montoya

Kala finds joy in learning about what makes your story unique.

Kala works with our Clients to orchestrate production schedules and serves as their Fireside ambassador from start to finish.  You’ll see Kala out on shoots capturing your stories and bringing the best out in our Clients. Her passion for writing and storytelling led her to pursue a degree in Journalism.

She now brings that enthusiasm to all aspects of her work at Fireside.  Kala enjoys every opportunity to discover what makes your organizations special and explore our great state.


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