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Product Demo Videos

Demo Videos show how to use your product or what makes it special

Whether To Wow or Inform, Demonstrate What You Do.

Product Demo Videos

Don’t just tell people about your new product… show them!

A professional product demonstration video allows you to connect directly with prospective buyers or users and highlight all of those fabulous product features. Video allows people to see the way the product actually works. It can prove performance through before and after footage and spotlight what sets your product apart. In short, a well-done video is a sales machine!

Product demo videos are the single most effective marketing tool available.  Need proof?

ThinkWithGoogle finds 80% of consumers surveyed say product demo videos helped seal the deal in their decisions to buy. Think you can accomplish that with text alone? Four times as many people would rather watch a video about a product – than read about it according to Animoto.

Now, this is one place where you really do want to make sure your video represents your brand.  Fireside Production can make that happen for you. Your video footage should be well-lit and beautifully captured to showcase your product in the best possible way. We also know that people do business with people they like. So, video is also an ideal place to show your passion for your product. Be enthusiastic. That spirit will resonate with your viewers and translate into sales.


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Product Demo Videos Are Marketing Gold

Give us a ring to get that smartly-crafted video produced and get your product noticed and used correctly. We’ll guide you on the right style, length and approach to deliver a video that performs.

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