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Social Media Videos

Fireside is continually monitoring the ever-changing social media landscape to keep you ahead of the game when it comes to best practices for sharing your message through video.

We’re big fans of loading video to YouTube, optimizing it well and then, sharing it generously from there. The relationship between YouTube and Google is a rich one to tap for search engine optimization.

Direct load short videos to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. This allows the video to auto-play as users scroll their newsfeeds. If you capture the viewer’s attention in that first few seconds, you’ve got a great shot at not only holding their interest – but inspiring them to share your video! This is an effective way to dramatically increase your online reach – especially, if you decide to boost your posts or develop ad campaigns.

Remember, video is not a one and done approach. Looks for ways to promote your video based upon trending topics throughout the year. Maximize the use of your raw footage by pulling a short interview clip and posting it to social or using text graphics over video to produce a dynamic video message just for your social media followers.

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Social Media Strategy... For The Win!

Have a business or non-profit event coming up? Be sure to ask about the Fireside Social Networking Video package! It’s a really cool way to capture your event and create a visual experience on social media.

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