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Take Your Child To Work Day

Posted on: April 24th, 2014 by Naomi Binkley

photo (1)Going to work with my mom or dad is among my very favorite childhood memories.  At our mother’s office, my brother and I would marvel at all of the cool office supplies.  We’d pretend we were in the magazine distribution business.  At work with our dad, we’d imagine ourselves mapping out routes for the city buses or play pool in the company lounge.  What I cherish most about those memories was seeing my parents in another world… that mysterious other side that meant food on the table and clothes on our backs.  I saw how they interacted with other professionals… how my dad answered the phone, “Dispatch.”  How he seemed so constantly even-keeled in that busy office with so much radio traffic, so many calls and people coming by.  How my mom’s desk was so organized… and her work reached into homes all around the country.

All these years later, I love Take Your Child to Work Day.  I love it because it’s my turn to open that other world to our daughters.  The past two years, our oldest daughter has been a part of making a video and attended meetings with us.  You’d think the girls wouldn’t be interested at all in going to work with us since they’re no strangers to Fireside Production.  And yet, this week our youngest daughter was so enthusiastic about her chance to participate!  Apparently, she’s been anxiously awaiting her turn…

Together, we made a list of the day’s activities.  We started with a coffee shop meeting with a fellow member of my CEO Exchange.  We headed out to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to rehearse a webinar presentation.  She asked for her “power lunch” to take place at home where she could finish her homework assignment tracking the day’s experiences.  Then, before things got boring for her… it was back to first grade!  Now, if there were only a take your parents to school day – where we could experience our kids as they are in their day-to-day lives as students.  Bliss!

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