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The Videographer’s Toolbox

Posted on: August 11th, 2015 by Tom McDonald

There’s always a great deal of excitement when you’re getting ready for a video shoot.  A successful shoot starts before you leave the door – with solid preparation.  There is always some luck involved with a great shoot – the elements falling perfectly into place – but having a few tools in place is helpful as well.  Here are a few of mine:

Shovel + Snow = Natural Sound

Shovel + Snow = Natural Sound


  1. Plan for your opening shot.  This isn’t necessarily the first shot you roll on but keep your eye out for that great opening.  It could be a real attention grabber or just an establishing shot but put some thought into how you want the video to begin.
  2. Find characters.  Yes, you need great characters to tell the story.  If you’re not using actors, find people who have some flair and want to be in front of the camera.
  3. Capture natural moments.  Moments are the unscripted gems that turn a good video into a great video.  When the big ones happen, don’t get caught up in them, press record!
  4. Get natural sound.  You cannot smell video, but you sure can hear it.  Get your microphone in close to the sounds – whether it’s a babbling brook or the propeller of a vintage airplane.  Sound can bring your viewer into the experience.
  5. Plan for a closing shot.  Just as important as your opening shot, think about how you will end your video.  Often, negative action like your hero riding off into the sunset is a good one. Just plan it and be creative!

Of course, there are many other tools you can add to your videographer toolbox but these are a good start.  It is always good to have a blue print going in.  The direction may change, but it’s easier to regroup with a plan in place.  Happy shooting!

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