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Think Visually To Bring Your Video To Life

Posted on: December 19th, 2017 by Naomi Binkley

Think about the video footage that you want us to capture.

When planning a video project, it’s important to start with your messaging.  What key points is your organization needing to deliver through the finished video?  Who will we interview and who are your target viewers?  These are essential questions Fireside Production works closely with you to ask and answer through our Focus On You™ approach to video production… but it’s equally important to identify what visuals will help to bring your video story to life.

If your video is showcasing your organization as a differentiator in your space, you’ll want video footage of your team in action.  Let’s show your team members interacting with the verve that makes them special.  Smiling faces and helping hands are always more impactful than footage where people aren’t engaging with one another.  Remember, every shot should make us feel something.  It should be purposeful and that requires planning.

Consider opportunities to have Fireside capture your team out interacting in the community.  Have a volunteer event coming up?  Let’s get it on the calendar! Have a day when your laboratory or school setting is going to be bustling and vibrant, let’s plan to capture footage on that day. We want to show your organization at your best. So, think about the most visual opportunities – even if they don’t coincide with the times when we’re capturing your interviews.

Think creatively as well!  If you have an idea for a video component, but you’re not sure if it’s possible… let’s talk.  There’s magic in putting our heads together to think in new and visually innovative ways.

Our philosophy when it comes to visuals is… prove it!  The audio components should be reinforced by visual images.  If an interviewee says that your organization is passionate about giving back to the community – let’s capture video footage that visually proves that statement.  Let’s show what we hear through the interviews and narration.  Fireside can help get you there.  Give us a ring today to talk about the visuals for your next project. 

by Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency