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Bringing your ideas to life, in a way only Fireside can...

Our Video Portfolio

We consider it a privilege to capture the many ways our Clients are touching our communities. We thrive on the challenge of taking your ideas and bringing them to life in a way that only video can – through sight, sound and emotion. Each video we create is customized to your vision and your messaging needs. Our exclusive Focus On You™ approach becomes the road map to move us from concept to finished piece efficiently and enjoyably.

Don’t know where to start with your video project?  Here are a few suggestions…

Consider the style that resonates most with you.

  • Natural Sound-Style Video – This style uses interview sound blended together with supporting video footage, text graphics and music for a memorable final piece.
  • Voiceover-Style Video – A Voiceover Video features scripted narration with supporting video footage, text graphics and music. You can also incorporate interview sound into a Voiceover-Style piece.
  • Video- & Graphics-Driven Piece – This approach uses text words on the screen to deliver the messaging with the music and supporting footage setting the tone. You can include scripted narration with this approach as well.
  • Hosted Video – A hosted video is a wonderful way to deliver a message directly to your viewers. Fireside can provide teleprompter services to make it nice and easy to deliver.  Supporting footage, music and text graphics make this style more dynamic.
  • Video Skits – A video skit is a fun way to mix things up and reach your viewers by adding a little humor or demonstrating the message you need to convey.
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Want to kick around an idea that is a bit more out-of-the-box? We do that too!

Let's Make An Impact


Determine how you’ll use the video. A video to showcase at an event with an attentive audience can certainly be a bit longer than a video intended for online viewing.


A video's impact - its punch - has a lot to do with the length. How you’ll use the video and the style you choose are important factors in determining target length.

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