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Bringing Together Mission and Community

Nonprofit Videos

Nonprofits hold a special place in our hearts at Fireside.

We know how important video is to support your work. Nonprofit videos connect your donors and partners to your mission in a way no other medium can. We also understand the special budget constraints of our charitable organizations.  And so, from the beginning – Fireside has offered discounted and donated services to our nonprofit clients.


That’s not all. 

We work diligently to keep efficiency front-of-mind on every project. That starts with collaboration on messaging and production planning. We strategize with you to keep costs down by maximizing your shoot time.

Fireside brings a decade and a half of video production experience to the table to help determine the best length and style of video for your communication goals. We recommend ways to use your raw footage to boost your ongoing video marketing efforts.

Most importantly, our Focus On You™ approach is designed to make producing a video for your nonprofit easy and enjoyable – for everyone involved.


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Generate Awareness. Connect with Donors. Raise More Money.

Video is such a powerful medium to inspire others – and that’s particularly important to a nonprofit organization. The footage we see, the spoken words and natural sounds we hear – when done well – come together to create an unforgettable experience. It’s the ideal way to motivate others to give… to get involved, to support a cause, to share your message.

Let's Showcase Your Nonprofit

Giving Back to our Community

Fireside Day of Service

Nonprofits aren’t just clients – they’re a critical part of our culture at Fireside. Each quarter, our team devotes a half-day to volunteer for one of our nonprofit clients. It’s our Fireside Day of Service!  We create a short video on each Fireside Day of Service to encourage others to get involved and to emphasize the importance of giving.


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