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Brand Videos | Bring Your Brand To Life

Bring the story of your brand to life through video

Brand Videos

Creating a corporate or brand video is about much more than logo placement. A video produced in the voice of your organization brings your brand to life.

That starts even before the video shoot. Fireside works with you on messaging and then, backs it up with independent research. That allows our team to conduct interviews and produce content in your organization’s voice. That’s important so the video – no matter the style – aligns start to finish with your brand language. It’s all part of our Focus On You™ approach and it’s what sets us apart from any other video production company.

Stories Connect Us. They give voice to your organization, to your brand.

Your video has to be memorable. That’s where Fireside Production’s exclusive Focus On You™ approach comes in. It’s our proven strategy to expertly guide you through the production process, to ensure the video achieves its purpose and it works for you.

We create graphics for your video consistent with your organization’s brand guidelines. Our editors match your font and color specifications to incorporate your logo and brand throughout.

When you’re mapping out your video strategy, remember to mix things up!

A vignette featuring an interview or executive message is an effective way to establish thought leadership. Use video to motivate your team around your organization’s corporate social responsibility practices. Show viewers how your organization gives back to the community. Produce a video tip. Providing valuable information is a service to others and builds brand recognition. Above all, you want to create a video experience that makes your brand memorable. Then, share it far and wide to engage your audience!

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Stories connect us

They give voice to your organization and to your brand.

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