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Let Us Focus On You™

Fireside is the only company with the Focus On You™ Approach to video production.

Focus On You™

The Fireside approach is unique in that we add a bit of science to the art of video production.

It is a process we’ve refined since 2006 to provide a unique production experience and to make sure we hit the mark with every video. We bring more than our extensive expertise to your video project… we bring creativity, leverage technology and take a genuine interest in every project.

From day one, we work closely with you to develop a clear understanding of your audience and messaging.

We explore your goals and recommend video styles and lengths to suit the needs of your project.

Fireside captures interviews and produces content in your organization’s voice. We know that’s important. We also take the time to deep dive into the particular topic of each video project – to get it right. And of course, the finished video incorporates your brand guidelines to become a part of your organization’s family of videos.

Pre-Production Planning

  • Concept development and messaging
  • Guidance on optimal video lengths and numbers of shoots and interviews for those lengths
  • Recommendation of styles to reach your target audience
  • Planning to make sure the shoots are easy and enjoyable for your team

The planning step of our Focus On You™ process won’t take much of your time. It serves as a blue-print for production to make sure the Fireside team is aligned with your messaging and goals from planning to final piece.  It also ensures we’re capturing exactly what’s needed for your project – to optimize value.

Field Production

  • Professional videographers skilled in their craft but strategic to keep shoots cost-effective and low-impact on the environments we’re capturing in
  • Producers to conduct interviews that achieve your messaging goals and bring out the best in the people you’ve asked to be in your video
  • Tips on what to wear and how to best prepare for the shoot
  • Teleprompter for scripted, hosted videos

The Fireside Production team is founded by former television news professionals. That journalistic background guides us to ask the right questions and to work quickly out on the shoot. We don’t squander time or disrupt work taking place.

We also adapt easily. Need a shoot tomorrow with a finished video later in the week? No problem. We’ll get you there. Fireside can do more with less time than most anyone in our field.

Script Production

  • Logging of raw footage and script production
  • Script writing for voiceover-style videos
  • Scripting of graphics content


  • Graphic design and motion graphics creation
  • Licensed production music
  • Professional voiceover narration and recording capabilities at Fireside suite
  • Editing and post-production work

Fireside delivers all of your raw footage. You own it and it’s at-the-ready for your use. This best practice saves money on future productions as you build your footage library. We also help with recommendations on how to best promote your video and use the raw footage in the future.


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Focus On You™

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