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Training Videos transform aspirations to accomplishments

Training Videos

Who hasn’t watched a video to learn how to fix an appliance, play an instrument or use a product? We are visual learners and that’s why training videos are an ideal way to teach people… and you can accomplish more through a short video than you might think! Make it engaging. Make it easy to follow and it will work for your organization.

Training videos are effective for employees, potential customers or volunteers and for engaging your community.

In fact, teaching people how to do something is a great way to position yourself or your organization as thought leaders in your space. Need proof? How-to videos consistently rank as one of the most-viewed categories on YouTube. Not only that, but people will watch those videos – when done well – over and over and they’ll share them with others.

Fireside can help you do it well through our exclusive Focus On You™ approach. We’ll start by identifying who you’re working to reach (your target audience), how they’ll be watching and what information is vital to your training. Those factors help determine the ideal length and style of video. Getting those two elements right are paramount!

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Videos That Show You How

Fireside's production team collaborates with you from initial concept to finished piece. We'll make sure your training video accomplishes your goals and performs well.

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