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The Fireside Story

Posted on: September 24th, 2010 by Fireside Production

What an amazing journey we have been on over the past five years and we have you, our incredible Clients and supporters, to thank. This has been our best year yet. Fireside Production was named the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce 2010 Emerging Business of the Year. Tom and I were humbled and honored. We unveiled our new logo and launched our interactive, dynamic new website with the help of the genius team at Brand Iron. Fireside Production welcomed a new member of the team: Marketing Manager and Fireside champion, Tammie Waddell. And now, we’re kicking off our first-ever Blog.

I’d like to mark this milestone with a trip back in time, if you will, to share with you the Fireside story… since sharing your stories is the foundation of our work. Tom and I met while working at a Denver television news station. I left the news business in 2005 to devote time to family but continued to enjoy working as a freelance writer and reporter. That’s about when the economy started to sour. A freelance and overtime freeze forced us to get creative to earn extra income.
Tom started working construction to make money before heading to his nighttime news job. One day, he called from urgent care. He had stepped on a nail. It pierced right through his toe. Clearly, construction was not his forte.

We regularly had people call or email to ask me to write a script or Tom to shoot some video. In February of 2006, we made it official and launched Fireside Production. It was a part-time venture to start. We grew steadily over the following two years with Tom working a full time news job while growing our company. Late in 2007, we realized a dream and Fireside Production became a fulltime operation and it has been full-steam ahead ever since. Throughout these years, we have remained committed to serving our Clients honestly, to growing this business responsibly and to excelling in our craft.

The Fireside Production story is one of innovation and dedication. It is one of sleepless nights and exhausting days. It’s also one of deep rewards. We are continually inspired by the work
and mission of our many Clients. We are constantly looking for ways to mature as a business and to better the community we love. We are thrilled and grateful to have you on this journey with us and we hope you’ll share the Fireside Production story with someone you know.

Naomi Binkley
Co-Founder, Fireside Production

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