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Autumn at Work

Posted on: August 27th, 2013 by Guest Blogger

Fall PictureFall is just around the corner and that means the leaves are just beginning to change, the temperature is starting to drop, and scarfs and sweaters are being pulled from the back of the closet.  It’s a wonderful season to enjoy here in Colorado and Fireside Production is bringing the season to our studio!

There are plenty of ways to feel the season in the place we spend so much of our time – at work.  The beautiful colors of autumn spring to mind.  The leaves seem to come alive with colors like yellow, red, orange, yellow-green and in some cases, even purple!  Bringing safe candles into the office with autumn colors gives your space a different look.  Scented candles such as cinnamon, vanilla, spice and woods truly bring out the feeling of autumn – and it’s always nice to come into a nice scented office.

Many businesses have their own décor – for example, here at Fireside our studio is filled with lovely pictures of video cameras, microphones, awards and much more.  They really give the space the Fireside signature look.  It’s still easy to add a little splash – just for the season.  Hanging up leaves on the walls or bringing a plant into the office is a light touch you can add to your fall décor.  Use container pots so you can move the plants home when winter sets in if you wish.  Pansies and heucheras are a great mix of leaves and flowers with natural autumn colors.  This autumn season, give your office (or cubby) that seasonal make-over to make your fall extra special.

And… be sure to send us photos of your decorated space!  We’d love to see them.

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