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Building a Championship Team

Posted on: February 3rd, 2015 by Tom McDonald

THINKSTRATEGICALLY-03 (1)Yes… I am an NFL fan!  This is the time of year when many coaching changes happen in the NFL and this year, my favorite team – the mighty Denver Broncos – made a change as well.  Thankfully, this is not a yearly occurrence but when it happens, there’s always cause for concern for a die-hard fan like me.  With a new coach, the biggest question I always have is… how do you build a successful team?  I have found this is a question that transcends sports and is extremely fitting when building a team in the business world.  So, what are the ingredients for a successful team?  Here are a few things I look for…

1.  First, you need an all-star at the top.  Notice how all great NFL teams have a great quarterback?  It’s the same in business; you need a great signal caller.  It doesn’t hurt to surround the QB with talent as well.

2.  Next, find people who care about learning.  I don’t care how good someone is at what they do – if they already know it all, there is no room for improvement.

3.  We all have egos to an extent, but the best people to have on your team are those whose egos are not too big or too fragile.  There is nothing worse than offering advice or criticism to someone and watching them crumble.  Listening and openness is huge when building your team.

4.  Most importantly, find people who really love what they do.  All the talent in the world is no match for true passion.

Of course, there are many ingredients to building a championship team in any field, but having a system and standard in place is key.  Like an NFL team has an offensive or defensive system, we at Fireside Production have our system too.  It’s called our Core Values and we invite you to check them out.


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