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Close Up Ready! Makeup Tips for Video

Posted on: July 27th, 2016 by Guest Blogger

Foundation, powder, mascara, eyeliner – MAKEUP!

Just what do you need and how much should you wear to look your best on camera?  In this world of high definition video, the makeup rules of the past no longer apply.  Remember when they used to tell you to use a yellow-tinted concealer to hide dark circles under the eyes?  Well, do that now, and it’ll do anything but cover up!

Professional makeup artist Michael Moore recently stopped by the Fireside suite to share his professional tips with us and with you. (including how to get around that yellow conundrum).

Here are Michael’s easy steps to a flawless high-def face:

#1 – Use a powder – instead of heavy foundation – to reduce shine on the face.

#2 – Brighten it up under your eyes with a skin tone-correct concealer (no yellow-tinted concealers!).  Take the concealer right up to the lash line and all the way down to the cheek bone to take away any hollows under the eye.

#3 – Don’t forget the finishing touches!  Focus on defining the eyebrows and eyelashes with color and mascara. Then, give the cheeks some blush and the lips a fresh hint of color.

Want to know more about Michael Moore? Check out his website at  Follow his simple tips and you’ll look – and feel – fabulous for your next video shoot!

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