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Every Great Video Story… Ends

Posted on: July 6th, 2021 by Naomi Binkley

The essential elements of every great video story include a hook – a compelling beginning to lure you in – a middle (the heart of the story) and a powerful end.

Photo of a Heart

Whether a book, a movie, a video for your nonprofit, government entity or corporation… a story that people remember involves a strong beginning, middle and end. Each is vital to success.

The ending brings your story to its conclusion. It can be a short summary to bring things full-circle, an inspiring statement that leaves your viewers hopeful or inspired – or a look ahead to promote the next in a series of videos, to keep them wanting more.

As producers at Fireside Production, when we’re conducting interviews – we always have the end in mind:  a quote that gives us chills, makes us feel something and motivates us to take action. We’re actively listening for it.

As producers, we ask questions that inspire a meaningful closing statement from the interviewee.

Interviewer Next to Video Camera

These types of questions are typically centered on what’s next or what the future holds. As viewers, we want to know there’s more to this journey and how we can be part of the next chapter. If you’re being interviewed for a video or if you’re hosting the piece, be sure to find a way to work in a closing statement people will remember – if by chance your producer doesn’t guide you there (which they should).

Think about that call to action as well. What do you want people who watch your video to do?  Do you want them to volunteer, check out your website to learn more or RSVP to your event? Make the call to action strong and clear.

Fireside’s videographers are working in partnership with the producers to discover just the right closing shot.

A closing shot often involves the action moving away from the camera – kids leaving school, researchers turning the lights off and walking out of a lab or a perhaps, something more symbolic like a drone video shot of the setting sun. Whatever the case, the sound and footage at the end of your video should bring your viewers to a conclusion and it’s so important that you’re also listening and looking for just the right ending and communicating your thoughts with your production team.

Remember, every great story… ends.  Be sure your video production team is planning for and controlling that ending to make it as effective as possible (even if the ending is an unexpected moment that you just can’t forget – watch Luca & Scruffy’s story & wait for it!). What’s the best ending to a story you’ve seen?  Inspire us… we’d love to see what makes your favorite video or movie special.

by Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency