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Fireside Client Spotlight – SungateKids

Posted on: February 3rd, 2020 by Naomi Binkley

It’s a challenge most any business, nonprofit or government entity faces… making sure your message reaches the people you need to reach. 

For SungateKids, educating parents and caregivers about school presentations to empower children to recognize abuse and speak up – was practically impossible.  Parents and caregivers just weren’t showing up for meetings or events.  That’s where video came into play.

In our Fireside Client Spotlight, the Executive Director of SungateKids shares how partnering with Fireside Production allowed them to put vital information right at the fingertips of the people they needed to reach. 

SungateKids is a nonprofit organization that provides investigative interviews in cases of child suspected abuse.  It provides therapeutic support and child abuse prevention programs.  To bring Sungate’s stories to life visually also requires integrity, creativity and an experienced production team – given the sensitive nature of its work. 

Fireside Production’s exclusive Focus On You™ approach to video production is designed to meet challenges like these. 

We develop a clear understanding of the audience you need to reach and the information you need to deliver. We provide:

You know your message.  Partner with Fireside, and we’ll help you deliver it through powerful videos that produce the results you need.  Just ask SungateKids!

by Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency