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Fireside Goals & Accomplishments

Posted on: January 13th, 2015 by Naomi Binkley

New YearThe first month of the New Year is always a time of reflection and goal setting here at Fireside Production.  We gather as a team to look back at the successes and lessons of the past year – and to review our personal and professional goals for the coming months.  I think it is extremely powerful share your hopes and goals… defining them, speaking them aloud is motivating in helping to make your goals reality.

As Fireside moves into its 10th year, I’m looking forward to growing our team.  We will be adding another videographer/editor and eventually, another producer… which will improve shoot availability for our Clients.  Of course, as you grow, ensuring quality is foundational.  We’ll work hard to make sure each member of the Fireside team lives our four Core Values:  Create Experiences, Think Strategically, Bring Spirit! and Make An Impact.  These values truly guide everything that we do at Fireside Production – from the way we interact with our Clients and each other to how we approach that first quote for a new project.

One of our great accomplishments of the past year is how we made an impact in our MAKEANIMPACT-01 (1)community.  In 2014, Fireside Production provided nearly $41,000 in donated and discounted video production services to our non-profit Clients.  That’s a nearly 160% increase in in-kind services from the previous year.  You can bet Fireside will continue to Make An Impact to support this great community in which we live and work in 2015.  We hope you’ll consider Fireside Production when planning your video marketing needs for the year to come.

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