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Fireside Launches Drone Video

Posted on: June 19th, 2018 by Naomi Binkley

Fireside Production is taking your video projects to the next level with drone video.

A drone – known technically as a small, unmanned aircraft – offers breathtaking visual opportunities to make your video even more memorable.  Drone videography – when done right – requires training and certification.  Fireside is now certified by the Federal Aviation Administration for drone operation.  We’ve been busy getting our reps in to make sure we’re flying safely and getting those exceptional shots you want to see from a successful drone flight.

Fireside Production drone takes flight.

Here’s how Fireside’s drone services can enrich your next video…

Capture Large-Scale Scenes

Drones can capture entire buildings, city blocks or wide-open landscapes in a way terrestrial videographers – no matter how skilled – simply cannot.  Showing acreage, landscape features or proximity adds perspective to your finished video.

Modern, Cinematic Production Value

Your video represents your brand, so  you want it to exude quality.  Fireside’s drone captures 4K footage.  It’s high resolution, gorgeous video.


We know drone video offers views from high above but it’s also an effective way to evoke emotion.  The drone can follow people through a scene and build a sense of excitement.  The altitude the drone offers gives a sense of inspiration and awe that’s a perfect way to open or close your video.

See for yourself!  Check out this video of Fireside’s drone in action and then, let’s launch it for your next video… give us a call at 720-287-2567 to book your shoot.




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