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Green Screen at Fireside Production

Posted on: September 1st, 2015 by Naomi Binkley

Our specialty at Fireside Production has always been capturing interviews and footage on-location, allowing viewers of those videos to experience the sights and sounds of our Clients’ unique and varied locations.  That’s really our zone!  Sometimes, though, creating the background in post-production can offer a fresh look or better emphasize a Client’s brand throughout the piece.

That’s why Fireside Production is now offering green screen.  This production tool is portable, allowing our team to set-up green screen at your office – or ours – for interviews and hosted video messages.  This portable option is well-suited for framing up a single-person shot.  It’s not large enough for a full-body shot.  During the edit, we can key in video footage, photos or graphics.  We can add a logo behind the subject – or even a simple crisp, white background.

To give you a feel for some of the capabilities green screen offers, be sure to check out our Fireside Green Screen Beatbox video.  We had a little fun with this one!

We are happy to answer questions or provide more information on what green screen can do for your next video shoot.

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