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Listen for The Voice

Posted on: October 22nd, 2013 by Tom McDonald

The most fulfilling part of being a videographer to me is the journey.  No, I don’t mean the occasional trip to an out-of-state location but rather the entire journey itself and the quest to constantly get better at the craft.  There have been so many valuable lessons and tools collected along the way and so many more that I look forward to discovering.  As my career has moved forward, the lessons become deeper, almost Zen-like. 

Tom making that final adjustment

Tom making that final adjustment

One of my favorites is what I like to call The Voice.  It is that thought that pops in your head and says this isn’t quite right.  Whether your shot is a touch underexposed, your backlight is too hot or there’s background noise in the audio.  It may be very hushed, but you should hear that voice.  The key is to listen.

Often, we at Fireside Production are moving quickly and in the old days, I may have ignored the voice. Now, I listen and quickly react.  Now the important part here is having a great team.  Our producers recognize when we are adjusting on the fly and will step in to keep the Client or interviewee comfortable until everything is just right.  Of course, when things are really off, that’s not the voice but rather, common sense letting you know there are major adjustments to be made.  It’s the voice is for the little tweaks that elevate mediocrity to what we all strive for… perfection.  

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