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Real-Time Social Media Video at Events

Posted on: April 27th, 2016 by Naomi Binkley

photo (5)As we journey into the newest frontier for online video, here’s what you need to know… it’s fast. It’s professional, and it’s nearly real-time. What does that mean? It means we need to think outside of the traditional social media box to really allow people to experience our events – as they are happening!  I think it’s super exciting and for Fireside Production, the real-time social media video offers us an opportunity to show you what we do best… deliver the polish of professional video production at the speed we mastered in our former television news careers.

How It Works

The Fireside team captures video footage and sound from those participating in your event.  Then – as the event is still taking place – we edit on-site to produce short and snazzy video vignettes to load to your social media platforms.  We optimize those vignettes for social and just the second the video is posted and ready, we tag your team to take it from there!  Instead of those grainy, dark smart phone video clips with less-than-ideal audio… you can now include polished videos as part of your event-day social media strategy.

The Why

We know that video on social media out-performs both images and text-only content. Video offers impressive reach on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  So, if you’re going to spotlight your event – you want to do it through video.  Video allows your online viewers to hear, see and feel the action – when done right… and this quick-turn approach allows your brand to really stand-out.

For What Events?

Real-time social media videos are ideal for professional events and fundraisers… particularly those events that take place over a couple of hours.  That timing allows people who see your videos online to potentially join in and take part.  This approach is perfect for press conferences and panel or thought-leadership discussions.

The length is well-suited for sharing, so those following your event hashtag – for instance, can share your content and reach even more viewers.  What better way to generate excitement and create an experience online than through real-time social media video?

by Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency