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Shooting in the Moment

Posted on: January 29th, 2013 by Tom McDonald

At Fireside Production, one of our founding philosophies is to capture events as they are happening – to capture the action as it naturally unfolds.  It brings true authenticity to the videos we produce for our Clients and allows the opportunity for us to deliver the moments that create memorable video experiences for viewers.

Tom capturing the chaos of dancing kids.

Capturing events as a videographer can occasionally be overwhelming and even a bit chaotic.  Here are my Top Five Tips for keeping it cool and ensuring success:

1 – Settle Down & Start.  Back in my news days, there were many spot-news events like fires, accidents, even a few riots where it seemed everything was upside down.  So much is happening, it’s hard to even know where to start.  Settle down, put the camera on the tripod and just get a shot under your belt.  Naturally, the next shot will present itself and before you know it – you’ll be on your way.

2 – Follow Your Ears.  Whether it’s an organized event like a charity walk or a breaking news story, follow your ears.  The natural sounds and voices more often than not will lead you to the right shot and whether it’s a professionally-produced video for a Client or a news organization, those sounds bring the piece to life.

3 – Find your narrators.  Along the way, find people to give you soundbite reactions to what’s happening.  They don’t have to be formal interviews – just quick questions like, “What do you see?”  “What’s the mood like out here?”  Keep track of what sound you collect as you begin to produce the video mentally while out in the field.

4 – Keep Moving.  Especially during a spot-news or even a community event, keep shooting and capturing sound as things can end in a hurry.  You can always get an overview interview afterwards.

5 – Be Safe.  Finally, blend in and be safe.  Be sure not to become part of the story!  Part of the responsibility of a field producer or reporter is also to help make sure the videographer is safe.  When you’re looking into the camera, it’s easy to lose track of what’s happening around you.   If you have a reporter or producer with you, make sure that person helps to act as your eyes and ears.  A great team committed to shooting in the moment can truly create unforgettable video experiences… and that’s what it’s all about!

by Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency