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Stay Active – Walk The Line

Posted on: March 4th, 2014 by Eric Hoffman

Eric humanaWe’re now well into March and New Year’s Day seems like a long-ago memory.  The crowds of resolute gym-goers have started to wane, but spring still seems to be in the distant future. It’s a challenging time of year to stay motivated and stay healthy.

We recently traveled to the Humana Challenge in California to help create a corporate video.  Humana strives to engage people in every-day health by doing things like eating well and staying active.  Keeping track of how many step you take using a pedometer is an eye-opening way to see exactly how active you are and can be.  You might be surprised at how easy (or hard!) it is to get your 10,000 steps each day.

After returning from the Humana Challenge, I decided to put my new pedometer to the test:  spend an average Tuesday on the hip of my 8-year-old son as he goes to school, plays football at recess and heads off to karate in the evening.  He accidentally reset the steps just before lunch, but still managed to rack up more than 17,500 steps by the time he got home that evening!  That will give me something to shoot for as winter gives way to spring.

Happy Trails!

Humana using pedometers to track steps for charity!

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