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The Creative Block

Posted on: December 17th, 2013 by Tom McDonald

tom blogAt Fireside Production, we are truly grateful to be constantly producing videos for our Clients.  Each project presents a new story to tell.  Most usually, the shoot goes well and the video edits itself.  However, it is always our goal to stay fresh and be innovative.  So how do you do this while staying true to your style?  I have spent many hours banging my head over this… Nothing has come of it – except for a brutal headache.

There are a few strategies that do work when the creativity hits a wall.  First, watch a lot of videos.  With social media these days, more and more of my contacts are sharing video content.  Some are not so good, but I have found many that are truly well done and inspiring.  When I see something that I like, whether it is an edit or shot, I think about how I could do something similar or incorporate it into our production style.   An idea or technique can be a blueprint to something even more creative. You can incorporate something you see into your style and put your own stamp on it.  I call that inspired innovation!

Another strategy is to experiment.  Grab some effects you’ve never played with and see what happens.  Maybe layer a few effects together.  Do something risky in the field.  Just make sure you have what you need in place first – to avoid further head banging.  You know, the “oh no – what have I done?!” type.

               “Experimenting with Effects”

Lastly, seek another set of eyes.  If you are having trouble feeling it, have a colleague or someone you admire take a look and offer suggestions.  It may just take one recommendation to open the floodgates.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on inspiring creativity when you feel you’ve hit a roadblock.

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